June 8, 2013


Scientists and other smarty pants people out there say that yellow is the color that awakens your senses and instills feelings of happiness. It's "The color of joy"...do you agree? LOL. I must admit that yellow was never my go to color or one of my faves because I'm a total purple lover, but it is a color that makes me feel a sense of joy. The sun is yellow, daisies are yellow, and what else can brighten a rainy day than a pair of yellow rain boots :-) OK fine..I give in! I am now a yellow lover. 
Because of the brightness of the color, many are afraid of wearing it. Don't be!! No one says that you have tp wear it from head to toe like an oversized rubber ducky, but a pop of color in your accessories is a great way to inject some of this instant joy into your attire. Still not sure? Well how about your home decor or office space? Add some summer cheer to a neutral pallette with either solid yellow, or yellow print throw pillows for your sofa or bed. Or if you need to organize your office area or closet space, try some stackable storage boxes such as the ones below to keep your space tidy and add a CHIC statement to your space at the same time. It's like a two for one deal, who can beat that? LOL

Honestly though...doesn't this collage make you feel HAPPY?? 


  1. Yellow always makes everything happier.


  2. Yellow always makes everything happier.