June 19, 2013


Lately, I've been finding myself standing in my closet looking at racks of clothing and shoes thinking, "I have NOTHING to wear"! I know that rings a bell with many of us where even though we have tons of stuff, we either don't feel like wearing it, or feel the urge to buy something new. I LOVE shopping, for myself, for others it doesn't matter. I can shop all day LOL. But if you are like me and can go at least three months of getting dressed without wearing the same thing then I think you have something to wear ;-)

This EVERYDAY CHIC look is about wearing what you already have AND working it!

 A good fitting pair of jeans is really easy to dress up or down. And these Joe's Jeans are one of my faves because of the slim cut which has a mix of cotton and spandex (heaven for curvy girls), the wash has a grainy look to it which is on trend, and to top it off it has ankle zips, which I think bumps up that sex appeal especially when worn with heels.

  I paired this EVERYDAY CHIC look with a pair of suede peep toes that I got from Zara about two years ago and NEVER worn (don't judge me)...I'm a work in progress LOL. I also used this tan suede fringe bag that also has a long strap that can be used as a cross-body.

This color block tee in chartreuse, steel gray, and cream was worn slightly off the shoulder with a simple gray J. Crew tank underneath. I could lie to you and say that it gives off a cool 80's look (which it does), but it's to camouflage all of that pizza and birthday cake I've been eating this month *hides face*... LOL it is what it is! 

So you see, anyone can easily pull out a few pieces from there wardrobe and wear it like you just left the mall. It's all in how you carry yourself that really matters.

It's Wednesday...ALMOST the weekend again. Enjoy Life Folks :-)