November 25, 2013

Bundle Up

Hola CHICsters *waves*

OK, I've tried to hold out on wearing my winter gear, as it is not my favorite season but GEESH it's freezing outside brrr. But don't let the cold or gloomy weather get you down. Although I hate winter, I love coats, boots, and hats LOL ...go figure right? So today's post features 10 CHIC COATS full of color and style, that all feature one important quality...WARMTH!! So Bundle Up and enjoy the season :-)


Bundle Up

November 22, 2013


OK CHICsters,

I am happy to announce that YOU can now SHOP MY STYLE at my new online boutique *does happy dance*. At the CHIC PANTRY BOUTIQUE you can shop for the latest trends in jewelry, and accessories, clothing, as well as unique vintage pieces. You can get to the site directly by typing in the address  or also by clicking the tab SHOP MY STYLE right here on the blog. See how easy that is? Weekly there will be new items loaded to the site for your selection so grab it while it's hot because most of the products are limited quantities.

I'm so excited, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this and finally i pushed myself to make it happen. I appreciate all of my friends, family, and loyal supporters out there that I've emailed, text, tweeted, FB messaged LOL and everything else about ideas and suggestions about this new venture. You all are truly!! HA :-)

To show my appreciation I'm offering a 15% off coupon code to all of my CHICsters!!
Just type in GRANDOPENING at checkout to save on your total purchase.

Ok well, I have a busy weekend ahead, and not to mention the kids are out of school for an entire week for Thanksgiving here in Georgia *side eye*. Thanks a lot school system smh LOL


November 21, 2013


Hey CHICsters,

I can't believe it's Thursday already, my week just flew by. I've been really busy get the CHIC PANTRY online boutique together and ready for the GRAND OPENING tomorrow YAYYYY! For all of my followers you can save 15% off your purchase using the coupon code GRANDOPENING. I'm so excited to get this up and running, it was one of my goals for 2013 and it's still November so I've made the cut LOL.

November 18, 2013


Hey there CHICsters *waving*,

Did you miss me? Well for most of you that follow me on twitter and instagram you already know that I was sick that last couple of weeks which stopped all of my blogging fun :-( BUT I'm happy to say that although I'm still not 100 % I'm baaaackkk. Ready to take on the world of style, fashion, food, travel and all that other good stuff LOL.

While I've been recuperating, I took the time out to reorganize my life both personally and professionally and I have exciting news to share with you. I get tons of emails and questions about where I get alot of my stuff, especially accessories and to answer that there is no one particular place. I see something that catches my eye whether it's a pretty statement necklace, or a bold ring and I buy it...without hesitation! HAHA.  But now you will be able to shop many of the trends in clothing, vintage treasures, as well as jewelry and accessories in my new online boutique CHIC PANTRY. Yayyyyy!!! Who doesn't love cool stuff at great prices?

I gave myself a deadline to get the site launched and it's quickly approaching. I can't wait til it's up and running and as a special treat to my CHIC PANTRY friends I'm offering a special discount on your first purchase :-)

Here's a sneak peek of an item coming at the CHIC PANTRY shop...

The Crystal Spike Cuff is such a CHIC piece to add to your jewelry collection. It can be worn every day or to jazz up your look for a dressier occasion.

I'm looking forward to getting feedback from my loyal CHICsters on which items you're craving in your wardrobe right now. Ya never know...maybe it's something I can find and bring to the shop at a great price. Either way I'd love to hear your input.

Hope you all have a CHICtastic Week!


November 2, 2013


Hey CHICsters,

This week has been a little hectic but nonetheless here are the last of the Miami-Broward Carnival pics.The actual parade was held at Dolphin Stadium so that was kinda cool in itself. If you've never been to a Caribbean Carnival here's a little taste of what you will see.  

The elaborate costumes are worn by both men and women, but the women take it to quite another level with bold and beautifully coordinated makeup.

Look at that body paint design. WOW

Fun, Soca music, family and friends is what the essence of carnival is all about. This was the last Carnival experience for the year here in Miami until it kicks off all over again in the beautiful Trinidad & Tobago March 2014. If you love high energy fun people partying your flight now. It gets pretty pricey for travel but it's sooo worth the experiece!

That's all for now folks :-) Catch up on this past weeks posts while your relaxing and browsing the net.
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