January 29, 2014


I've only been in Atlanta for a little over a year so I was both shocked and excited to see snow yesterday. Although the city was totally not prepared for ANY of this weather, which caused all of the traffic drama on our highways, I just wanted my Houstonian kids to experience snow for the first time. They loved it!

January 24, 2014


Is it me or has it been colder than usual lately? Geez Louise this Polar Vortex thing sweeping across the nation is ANNOYING!!!  Yes I'm from NYC so I should be used to cold winters, but this is why I moved to the South. Anything below 40 degrees is a no no in my book, and ATL was 10 degrees this morning...utter madness!!

Cold weather tends to make people feel a little blah. Well I can only speak for myself, and to counteract this "blah feeling" I like to spice up my look with a little color. If you haven't already noticed;  ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK!!! It's super popular this season and you can find it anywhere from in fashion to home decor. This vibrant color is taking over and I'm a happy camper because I look good in orange LOL. At least in my opinion anyway HA!

Here are some CHIC ways to add this refreshing color to your wardrobe...

1. Lipstick
2. Nail Lacquer
3. Midi Skirt
4. Boyfriend Coat 
5. Pumps
6. Clutch 

Now go ahead and add some Orange to your life! TGIF


January 21, 2014


When Pantone announced the 2014 Color of The Year as Radiant Orchid  , guess who was thoroughly delighted? Yep...Me! I am a purple lover. I love it in everything from shades of lavender to eggplant and all in-between. I felt there color decision was a direct sign this 2014 is MY YEAR!!! 

January 20, 2014


Happy MLK Day CHICsters,

I know..I know LOL some of you are like, I've never seen her in this much color before...especially not together as I loveeeee neutrals. But, my style has been evolving lately and  I've purposely planned to incorporate a lil' more color in my life. Ever been in one of your fave fast food joints, and they have what the call "Special Sauce" on their burgers that makes it taste Mmmmm Mmmmm Good? Well that's exactly what this color combo reminded me of when I looked in the mirror..A lil mustard + a touch of ketchup = SPECIAL SAUCE
I don't know about ya'll but a lil SPECIAL SAUCE on your burger is great...but when you spice of your wardrobe with a lil color....ohhhh la la!! 

January 17, 2014



 I spent the day shopping..and window shopping for hot new trends as most stores already have there Spring selection available *does happy dance*. Whenever I know I'm going to be on my feet for long periods of time, I always wear comfortable heels,flats, or sneakers...just depending on the outfit. Lately, I've been trying not to wear jeans on Friday as I've overdone in the past. Don't get me wrong...I love a great pair of jeans on "Casual Friday", but do are jeans the only casual attire one can wear? Ummm NO! So this week I switched it up!! Besides, these are one of my fave pair of pants now for two reasons, 1. Duh, do you not see the Fabulous window pane black/white design that's totally trending right now? and 2. These pants are a size 4!!! OMG...for those who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram know that I changed my eating habits and started a new "clean" lifestyle almost 6-weeks ago, plus I've been hitting the gym 5-6 times a week. When I started my pant size was a 10! Yes I said a 10!!! Now I'm between a 4 or 6 depending on the designer *does ol skool running man* HA!!

January 15, 2014


Hola My Loves,

I'm so happy to be posting today...finally. As many of you know from following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 3 days before Christmas my neighbor's home had a fire that also spread and did some damage to mine as well. I'm so grateful that myself, my kids, and all of our other neighbors got out without injuries. Hence the pause in blogging. But have no fear because ya'girl is back in full effect. I'm officially claiming 2014 as MY YEAR!! THEEEE YEAR!!!! And I plan to "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" *singing in my RiRi voice*

Winter is not one of my fave seasons when it comes to weather...but fashion wise...I LOVE IT!! I love coats, and jackets, and boots, and cute scarves, and hats. It reminds me of growing up in New York City and seeing everyone in their trendy winter gear while riding the subway or walking down the street.