July 17, 2014


Hey CHICsters,

Most of you all that either follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook know that I've been totally sick the past few weeks. This epilepsy crap is for the birds!!! 12 seizures in a 10 day span but I think they finally have it under control. 

This low point in my life actually brought me to a complete understanding about LIFE!!! Here's what I've figured out. 
1. You can't live for people!! Do You!
2. Stress Kills...like you always hear folks say that ish but seriously tho...it's the truth!!
3. Always stay focused!! Keep your eyes on the prize & don't be afraid to cut off anyone or anything that gets in the way. 

...with that being said, Just don't be an "ANGRY BIRD" lol.. 

Bodysuit: Topshop
Jeggings: True Religion
Hat: Target ( jacked from my nephew) 


July 7, 2014



Good Morning CHICsters, 

My summer in NYC has been hectic with tons of parties, events, meetings etc...so much so that my body said "pump your brakes" the day before & I was super sick. After a few hours of rest the show went on as I attended MOR, one of the hottest caribbean events of the summer. 

Yesterday was a scorcher in the city. It was one of those days where you felt like wearing less clothing but just the thought alone of the sun touching your skin is unbearable. 
I chose this floral skater dress which has large scaled white flowers with bright green leaves on a baby pink background. 

This dress actually has a low cut back and a high neckline, but I wouldn't be me  if I didn't alter it a bit. I'm wearing the dress backwards, LOL... Low cut in the front just takes the little summer dress up a notch. 

The comfiest lace up sandals from Sole Society, paired with a simple Kate Spade watch, and vintage earrings & clutch tied the entire look together. 
Total cost (sans shoes) = $19

This just goes to show why I always say, You don't have to spend a million to look like one 

(@chicpantryblog on Instagram) 

Stay tuned for MOR pics of MOR great outfits & MOR fun people from this event!