April 30, 2014


Hello CHICsters, 

Can you believe April has come and gone so quickly? I was so busy this month it just seemed to fly by. This post features all of my APRIL looks & fashion inspiration. Which one was your fave? 

These looks went from casual, to boho chic, to ladylike, to retro and everywhere in between LOL. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason behind my style other than I wear what works depending on how I feel, & clearly from the looks of it my inspiration is all over the place :-) 

Stay tuned for more fashion inspiration in May, including details on my 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!!! You all will not want to miss this one. 


April 28, 2014


As many of you already know because I tweeted about it as well as posted it on Instagram & Facebook, my son turned 16 yesterday. Ughhhhh!!! 16??? I'm still in shock. I just had this baby & now he's like "Mom I'm getting my license so I can drive your truck" *side eye* ...pump your brakes homeboy lol. 

This is my baby...all 6ft of him *tear* 

I wore this I LOVE RONSON brand jumpsuit to host his party at Dave & Busters. I wanted to be comfortable...but not too "Mom-ISH" if you understand what I mean. No offense to the moms that wear gym attire on their off days even when not at the gym ...but I ain't 'bout that life! LOL 

Many of you know that I'm half Hispanic..and in our culture when we see a well dressed woman or someone with great feminine appeal, men especially would call out and sayyyy "Ayeeee Mamacita!" Lol 

That's more of how I feel in this role of motherhood. I will be assistant coach of my daughter's soccer team, but never look like a "soccer mom". I will be at ever football game, basketball game and track meet my kids have but will never be in a head to to sweatsuit unless Vogue says it's cool LOL. 
Having kids should never stop your swag ;-) 

*sigh* these little people melt my heart!
Have an epic week everyone!! 


April 24, 2014


Hello My Loves, 

This dress makes me so happy. It reminds me of old Spanish movies my sister and I watched as a kid, where all of the women were over-the-top sexy & all of the men were dying for their attention. I know...I know, it's not the typical "kid shows" but hey we turned out okay...I guess LOL.

You're not ready for my salsa moves...

I love everything about this vintage dress; the bold floral print, the shoulder-padded sleeves, the body conscious silhouette, & let's not overlook the flirty mermaid style bottom in a midi skirt length... #WINNING 

...oh yea...that low cut back though...

Paired it with these fuchsia strappy sandals to tie together the entire look. 

A well spent $4 at the Thrift Store huh? ...Si Señorita!!! 


April 23, 2014


Hey Dolls, 

Sooooo I've been wearing a lot of pants lately & I've gotten a few suggestions via Twitter and email on styling more skirts. You ask for it, you got it! 

I feel a Lil' 1950'sish (I know that's not a real word) today. Wearing a blouse that I tied up in the front with this pretty striped Midi skirt. 

To add a little edge to it, because that's how I roll LOL, I paired it with these black/gold studded sandals, & this complimentary fringe clutch. 

The BEST thing about this look is that it only cost me under $40 (excluding the clutch). 

Top & Skirt (Thrifted for $3), Sunglasses (99 cents on super sale at Charlotte Russe), and Studded Sandals ($34 Charlotte Russe, Clutch (Chic Pantry Boutique) 

Here's my "Ladylike" look that clearly was well within the budget. Don't underestimate your local thrift stores folks, you never know what treasures you will find. 


Still lost while shopping, or do you feel overwhelmed? Let me take away all of your anxiety by shopping for you. Email me at chicpantry@gmail.com for styling inquiries.  

April 21, 2014


Hola CHICsters,

  Ankara Tunic: Thrift Store $3 ( why would anyone give this away? ) OMG I'm wearing this alllll summer 

Reflective Aviators: Forever 21
Rings & Cuff: H&M 
Earrings: Charlotte Russe 

Handbag: ZARA (past season) 
Suede Wedges: Dolce Vita 

Today was a great day; weather was great, afternoon meeting went great...& yes I wore these shorts to the meeting LOL. Usually I wouldn't, but it was with some people that are super laid back & fun. As I stepped in the restaurant we were meeting at, two of the guys stood up & started singing , "We wear short shorts" ...as in the theme from the old Nair commercials. Hilarious! I couldn't do anything but sing along and laugh! 

Moments like these makes puts me in a great mood & who doesn't like starting off the week in happy mode? 
Life is short...wear the shorts!!! 


April 14, 2014

Tip toe'in on ya..


Cheers to a new day, a fresh start to the work week, and me not falling flat on my face in these 6" heels! LOL 

silk blouse: Nordstrom, pants: Danice ( my fave $10 store in Brooklyn lol), Pumps: Steve Madden, Handbag: Chic Pantry Boutique, Square Hoops: jacked from my sister #HeyBooHey :-) , Aqua Bangle: Kate Spade NY, Turquoise Ring: New Orleans Boutique

Short & Sweet! 

April 10, 2014


Hey There CHICsters,

"See I am everydayyyy people" *singing* . Do you remember that song People Everyday by the group Arrested Development? (yess i'm showing my age) LOL. For some reason this song has been stuck in my head all day. It's Thursday, & although I have thus far survived Spring Break with the kids I am overit.com !!!! We've been on the go alllll week, movies, sports, park trips, & a million dental & doctor visits for check-ups. Mommy is tired! I'm literally counting down until next Monday morning lol... 

Anyways, enough of my ranting ;-) Today's look is super casual because that's how I roll when I'm with the little ones. 

A simple white V-neck, Skinny ankle length jeans, my catch-all Kate Spade bag that's filled with random necessities from lip gloss & hand sanitizer, to a few zip lock bags of snacks for my always seemingly famished clan. 

This weather is so crazy these days so even though I'm wearing a tee, I always bring along a sweater, or button down shirt for any sudden temperature drops. 

My cat eyed Sunnies & my fave Sam Edelman silver brogues top off the look for today's adventures. 

That's all folks...a CHIC look for Everyday People!