June 13, 2013


Am I the only person that gets totally frustrated with their hair during the summer. I can have my hair blown out or flat ironed pin straight at 8 a.m. and by noon it's a hot frizzy mess!! Who has time for that? During this season I go through tons of styles that are both easy to do while keeps your look well put together. Here are a few of my go to/fave looks to tame wild summer hair.

The Fishtail Braid
This 4-Strand braiding technique can seem to be difficult at first because most braids are 3-strand, but I assure you it's just as easy to do and the outcome is Oh So CHIC!

The French Braid
This popular do has held up through centuries as a flattering hairstyle for women. Since being made popular by French Royalty, this style has crossed the continents and is embraced by many cultures. It's easy to maintain and can be worn for a few days with proper upkeep. It works for casual days as well as more formal events like a wedding or party.

The Sock Bun

I like the look now, but honestly I had mixed emotions about the "sock" bun when it first became very popular last summer. I'm not sure if it was because it sort of looks like a doorknob at the top of your head or the fact that it sometimes looks too neat and perfect. But then again I'm someone that likes slightly messy hair: a hair or two out of place is fine by me! LOL

The Halfsies

Perfect for that moment when you thought your hair was going to lay down correctly  but then something backfired in the front area causing you to just give up LOL. The "Halfsies" is a life saver for that very moment. This Half pinned up, Half down hair do is not only on trend but the combination of the sleekness in the front with the slightly tousled mane in the back is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Trust me ;-)

The Messy Bun

My fave, especially with a cute headband. My hair gets frizzy when the weather is warmer or humid. Even when I apply hair products to it, something is still out of place so I just embrace it. As a very busy mom, I don't have the luxury of spending much time on hair styling in the morning. Sometimes I pull my hair up in a bun without looking in the mirror, slap on a headband and head out the door only glancing at it in the rear-view mirror of my car. Most days it turns out great, but there's always the occasional weird cowlick or annoying bulge causing me to whip out a brush out my purse and give it another go.  
Either way..this is great, carefree summer hair!

Here is just a neater version of the High Bun without the headband. Obviously in this pic she is at a red carpet even which goes to show you that this is Not just your average ponytail :-)

I hope that these CHIC summer styles gives you some hope on battling that frizzy summer hair. If you try any or have any more to share holla at me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @chic_pantry

Have a CHICtastic Day xoxo

Disclosure: Pictures in this post does not belong to CHIC PANTRY and are all from reputable internet sources

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