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Hola I'm Osa! I started Chic Pantry after moving to Georgia last year as a creative outlet to share my style, fashion finds and experiences with others.I think people should wear what fits them well instead of chasing trends that don't. You don't need to spend a million dollars to look like one...trust me! My FAVE skirt cost less than $5 from a vintage store :-)

"I think playing dress up begins at five and never truly ends"
                                                     ~Kate Spade
A few quick facts about me {other than I have a slight addiction to fashion}...
I'm a Proud mom AND "superhero" according to my kids
Born in NYC to the COOLEST Trinidadian and Venezuelan parents
I sometimes laugh so hard I snort...ok you got me...it happens often LOL
Graduated from University of Phoenix with an MBA
I LOVE birthdays
Fave color of all time: Purple
I'm far from a "label whore", and is fully aware that QUALITY rules over QUANTITY
and oh yea...and I'm a certified Thrifting, Best Sales Scoring, DIY junkie ... and darn proud of it :-)
Interested in promoting your brand at "Chic Pantry"?

Email me at chicpantry@gmail.com for details or you can also hit me up just to say HI :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you'll stop by again...xoxo,


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  1. Yay!! My favorite color is purple too and I am going to start my MBA next spring.I see we have several things in common. Im very frugal as well haha. Anywho, awesome site girl!

    Blogger @ http://www.whatyouallow.com