June 28, 2013


June 26, 2013



Hola CHICsters *waves*, have you noticed that there is a new shape added to the Wonderful World of Sunnies? (Said like a true sunglasses lover)? Behold the HEXAGON, or HEXIES as I affectionately call it LOL. Seen on the pre-fall 2013 runways by some of your fave designers, this 6-sided shape is both on trend AND flattering to many face shapes! They can be found everywhere from Bloomingdales to ASOS at various price points making it a fit for all our budgets. Have you tried a pair? Or are you rocking some CHIC HEXIES right now? If so tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let me see xoxo...

June 19, 2013


Lately, I've been finding myself standing in my closet looking at racks of clothing and shoes thinking, "I have NOTHING to wear"! I know that rings a bell with many of us where even though we have tons of stuff, we either don't feel like wearing it, or feel the urge to buy something new. I LOVE shopping, for myself, for others it doesn't matter. I can shop all day LOL. But if you are like me and can go at least three months of getting dressed without wearing the same thing then I think you have something to wear ;-)

This EVERYDAY CHIC look is about wearing what you already have AND working it!

 A good fitting pair of jeans is really easy to dress up or down. And these Joe's Jeans are one of my faves because of the slim cut which has a mix of cotton and spandex (heaven for curvy girls), the wash has a grainy look to it which is on trend, and to top it off it has ankle zips, which I think bumps up that sex appeal especially when worn with heels.

  I paired this EVERYDAY CHIC look with a pair of suede peep toes that I got from Zara about two years ago and NEVER worn (don't judge me)...I'm a work in progress LOL. I also used this tan suede fringe bag that also has a long strap that can be used as a cross-body.

This color block tee in chartreuse, steel gray, and cream was worn slightly off the shoulder with a simple gray J. Crew tank underneath. I could lie to you and say that it gives off a cool 80's look (which it does), but it's to camouflage all of that pizza and birthday cake I've been eating this month *hides face*... LOL it is what it is! 

So you see, anyone can easily pull out a few pieces from there wardrobe and wear it like you just left the mall. It's all in how you carry yourself that really matters.

It's Wednesday...ALMOST the weekend again. Enjoy Life Folks :-)

June 17, 2013


I know it's not officially summer yet, but when I walk outside it sure feels like it. Summer is the best season for showing off your "assets", whether it's a little leg, back, or other body part that is totally covered up during those relentless winters. A cute summer dress is a great go-to for barbecues, casual get-togethers with family and friends, or even a date. Just throw on some heels and you're good to go ;-)

What drew me to this dress was not the style, or the print (although both are excellent), but I LOVE POCKETS!! LOL Even though it would be tacky to put anything in them, I just like the fact that if I needed a quick place to stash my lipgloss ...I have one :-)

The small cut-out detail in the back is also a nice little detail.

 The clutch/wristlet was another CHIC Find while Good Will Hunting #SCORE

I'm really into Round Sunnies this season as you can already tell by my previous posts. I'm really into retro styles and movies etc.. and this accessory gives me just a touch of that vibe.

Wore this look to the 10th Annual Summer Jazz Series at Villa Christina at Perimeter Summit here in Atlanta. It was my first time attending and I LOVED it! Not only was the performance by Robin Lattimore and the band PHENOMENAL *That Lady can sangggg*, but the outdoor atmosphere was great. Don't let me forget to mention that it was FREE!! Yep, you heard me, a totally free concert, that I would have paid for...it was that good!

 Hope you all have a CHICtastic week and get ready for a GREAT Summer!

CHIC Finds

Dress: Urban Outfitters (no longer sold)
Clutch: Good Will
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Sandals: Coach

June 13, 2013


Am I the only person that gets totally frustrated with their hair during the summer. I can have my hair blown out or flat ironed pin straight at 8 a.m. and by noon it's a hot frizzy mess!! Who has time for that? During this season I go through tons of styles that are both easy to do while keeps your look well put together. Here are a few of my go to/fave looks to tame wild summer hair.

The Fishtail Braid
This 4-Strand braiding technique can seem to be difficult at first because most braids are 3-strand, but I assure you it's just as easy to do and the outcome is Oh So CHIC!

The French Braid
This popular do has held up through centuries as a flattering hairstyle for women. Since being made popular by French Royalty, this style has crossed the continents and is embraced by many cultures. It's easy to maintain and can be worn for a few days with proper upkeep. It works for casual days as well as more formal events like a wedding or party.

The Sock Bun

I like the look now, but honestly I had mixed emotions about the "sock" bun when it first became very popular last summer. I'm not sure if it was because it sort of looks like a doorknob at the top of your head or the fact that it sometimes looks too neat and perfect. But then again I'm someone that likes slightly messy hair: a hair or two out of place is fine by me! LOL

The Halfsies

Perfect for that moment when you thought your hair was going to lay down correctly  but then something backfired in the front area causing you to just give up LOL. The "Halfsies" is a life saver for that very moment. This Half pinned up, Half down hair do is not only on trend but the combination of the sleekness in the front with the slightly tousled mane in the back is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Trust me ;-)

The Messy Bun

My fave, especially with a cute headband. My hair gets frizzy when the weather is warmer or humid. Even when I apply hair products to it, something is still out of place so I just embrace it. As a very busy mom, I don't have the luxury of spending much time on hair styling in the morning. Sometimes I pull my hair up in a bun without looking in the mirror, slap on a headband and head out the door only glancing at it in the rear-view mirror of my car. Most days it turns out great, but there's always the occasional weird cowlick or annoying bulge causing me to whip out a brush out my purse and give it another go.  
Either way..this is great, carefree summer hair!

Here is just a neater version of the High Bun without the headband. Obviously in this pic she is at a red carpet even which goes to show you that this is Not just your average ponytail :-)

I hope that these CHIC summer styles gives you some hope on battling that frizzy summer hair. If you try any or have any more to share holla at me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @chic_pantry

Have a CHICtastic Day xoxo

Disclosure: Pictures in this post does not belong to CHIC PANTRY and are all from reputable internet sources

June 12, 2013


What's Up CHICsters *waves* cheer up it's Wednesday aka "hump day" which means we only have two more days 'til the weekend Woo Hoo *Jersey Shore fist pumps* LOL. I don't know about you but I cherish my weekends, especially when the weather is warm and I can do a lot outdoors. When my kids are out of school I don't send them to camp, which means DAILY "adventures" as my 4yr old calls it, to the park, library, museums, pool, and of course shopping (my fave). In case you haven't realized by now, I'm really a non-fussy person when it comes to dressing. If it's going to take me an hour to pull a look together, chances are I won't wear it. I think that comes from my Air Force days where we had to be showered, dressed in full uniform and at work in sometimes quite ridiculously short spaces of time. So now that I'm out of the military, I still out of habit lean towards clothing that I can get into, look effortlessly CHIC, and head out the door in a snap!

Which brings me to this Bisou Bisou Zig Zag Maxi that I got from JC Penney for 75% off (GASP)!! Not only did I love the print but the fact that it was actual a normal maxi length on me. At 5'8" it get's really annoying when you see a cute maxi dress on a hanger, but then when you try it on it falls at an unflattering above the ankle length *side eye*. Of course I was pumped when I saw that this dress was the right length...at least with flats on LOL.

It also came with this braided black belt which is great for accentuating the waist.

Paired it with my turquoise clutch found while Good Will Hunting a few weeks ago, and a chunky wooden bangle that was originally brown but I painted black. Loved the brown wood, but I get bored easily and when I do...out comes the art supplies :-)

What's easier to wear with an easy wear maxi dress than some slip on sandals. This Juicy Couture pair caught my eye last summer after I saw my sister with them. It was a no-brainer... I had to get 'em!

And yes, I used my sunnies as a headband *side eye* I still don't know what to do with my hair, but something will be done soon *pinky swear*

Hope you enjoyed this post and remember you don't have to maxi out your credit cards to look Effortlessly CHIC!

June 10, 2013


Hey CHICsters, long time to see :-) I've been super busy last week traveling back home to New York City to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. I went kid free (woo hoo) which gave me a much needed break and allowed me to run around the city without toting a bag of snacks and juice for my kids LOL...good times! Now that I'm back in Atlanta, and school is closed I'm balancing business and motherhood with over-the-phone meetings while driving the kiddos to all of their bday parties, and summer classes *wipes forehead*.
When running around with kids, I go for complete comfort. You never know when you are going to get challenged to a game of Red Light, Green Light or Tag so I gotta be prepared.

I wore this MILITANT CASUAL look to take the kids to Dave & Busters this weekend to celebrate my friend's daughter's birthday. I don't know what it is about that loud place with kids running around and giant sized video games but it holds a special place in my heart. I'm really a big kid!! 

 I'm not too sure of my face shape. Sometimes it looks oval, the other it looks round. maybe it's a mix of both..let's just call it "ROVAL" LOL. But whatever the shape, I'm fortunate enough that most sunglasses shapes albeit square, round, aviator, or cat-eye seems to fit; which is a plus especially when ordering sunnies online.

The retro round shape of these sunnies, along with the long necklace gives off a bohemian vibe that is sort of an easy look for warmer months.

I found these MIA gladiators at TJ Maxx for 60% off retail #Score :-)

Loving the look of simple tees from the front with a bit of unexpected appeal in the back like this deep V-back Zara tee.

I'm sure you all have noticed that my hair seems to have grown overnight LOL.. I already addressed the change on Instagram, but the short bob hairstyle was sewn-in extensions. This is actually my real hair. Hair is another way to accessorize your look in my opinion, so today it may be long and black, next week it may be braided, or have highlights. Having one particular look or hairstyle bores me...so stay tuned to see what hairdo is up next ;-)

Hope you all have a CHICtastic week, and lemme know what you think about the hair xoxo

CHIC Finds

ZARA Tee (old) but similar HERE or this one HERE which comes in 9 colors
Fringe Satchel Bag also worn HERE
H&M Round Sunnies

June 8, 2013


Scientists and other smarty pants people out there say that yellow is the color that awakens your senses and instills feelings of happiness. It's "The color of joy"...do you agree? LOL. I must admit that yellow was never my go to color or one of my faves because I'm a total purple lover, but it is a color that makes me feel a sense of joy. The sun is yellow, daisies are yellow, and what else can brighten a rainy day than a pair of yellow rain boots :-) OK fine..I give in! I am now a yellow lover. 
Because of the brightness of the color, many are afraid of wearing it. Don't be!! No one says that you have tp wear it from head to toe like an oversized rubber ducky, but a pop of color in your accessories is a great way to inject some of this instant joy into your attire. Still not sure? Well how about your home decor or office space? Add some summer cheer to a neutral pallette with either solid yellow, or yellow print throw pillows for your sofa or bed. Or if you need to organize your office area or closet space, try some stackable storage boxes such as the ones below to keep your space tidy and add a CHIC statement to your space at the same time. It's like a two for one deal, who can beat that? LOL

Honestly though...doesn't this collage make you feel HAPPY?? 

June 5, 2013

Travel CHIC

I actually created this post while awaiting my flight out of NYC to Atlanta. What prompted the notion was after standing in THE LONGEST SECURITY SREENING LINE EVERRR *side eye*, I had ample time to notice some people that seemed to need some direction in travel attire. In my opinion, less is more when traveling, especially if you are traveling with kids. Who really has time to be undoing a belt or taking off accessories when you have a flight to catch? When traveling comfort is key, but that does not mean you should look a hot mess! Looser fit jeans, leggings, trousers, or even a maxi dress is perfect for easy traveling as well as not getting the evil eye from other travelers for holding up the security screening line (I've been there) LOL. A cotton tee and a blazer, or cardigan is a CHIC way to keep off that airport frost while still looking stylish. Pair that with comfortable flats, like ballet flats, espadrilles, or sandals if you don't suffer from cold feet syndrome as I do *brrr*. For that reason I always carry a pair of socks in my tote...which is another travel essential. A large handbag/tote comes in handing for carrying your snacks, reading material, sweater if you don't need to wear it, and is great for that awkward moment when you try to chevk in your luggage and find out your bag is overweight *side eye*. Just take a couple of things out of your luggage, throw it in your tote and go about your business :-)

Get The Look

Travel CHIC


CHIC Finds

Cambridge 20" Hardsided Carry-On Spinner (on sale) and in 3 colors :-)
Chanel Espadrilles

Hope you all have a CHICtastic day!