June 12, 2013


What's Up CHICsters *waves* cheer up it's Wednesday aka "hump day" which means we only have two more days 'til the weekend Woo Hoo *Jersey Shore fist pumps* LOL. I don't know about you but I cherish my weekends, especially when the weather is warm and I can do a lot outdoors. When my kids are out of school I don't send them to camp, which means DAILY "adventures" as my 4yr old calls it, to the park, library, museums, pool, and of course shopping (my fave). In case you haven't realized by now, I'm really a non-fussy person when it comes to dressing. If it's going to take me an hour to pull a look together, chances are I won't wear it. I think that comes from my Air Force days where we had to be showered, dressed in full uniform and at work in sometimes quite ridiculously short spaces of time. So now that I'm out of the military, I still out of habit lean towards clothing that I can get into, look effortlessly CHIC, and head out the door in a snap!

Which brings me to this Bisou Bisou Zig Zag Maxi that I got from JC Penney for 75% off (GASP)!! Not only did I love the print but the fact that it was actual a normal maxi length on me. At 5'8" it get's really annoying when you see a cute maxi dress on a hanger, but then when you try it on it falls at an unflattering above the ankle length *side eye*. Of course I was pumped when I saw that this dress was the right length...at least with flats on LOL.

It also came with this braided black belt which is great for accentuating the waist.

Paired it with my turquoise clutch found while Good Will Hunting a few weeks ago, and a chunky wooden bangle that was originally brown but I painted black. Loved the brown wood, but I get bored easily and when I do...out comes the art supplies :-)

What's easier to wear with an easy wear maxi dress than some slip on sandals. This Juicy Couture pair caught my eye last summer after I saw my sister with them. It was a no-brainer... I had to get 'em!

And yes, I used my sunnies as a headband *side eye* I still don't know what to do with my hair, but something will be done soon *pinky swear*

Hope you enjoyed this post and remember you don't have to maxi out your credit cards to look Effortlessly CHIC!


  1. Seriously adore that blue clutch/bag. So cute! Love this whole look together!

    XO Kay
    <a href="www.fashionablykay.com>Fashionably Kay</a>

    1. Thank you Kay!! Just another great find while GoodWill Hunting lol

      xo Osa