June 10, 2013


Hey CHICsters, long time to see :-) I've been super busy last week traveling back home to New York City to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. I went kid free (woo hoo) which gave me a much needed break and allowed me to run around the city without toting a bag of snacks and juice for my kids LOL...good times! Now that I'm back in Atlanta, and school is closed I'm balancing business and motherhood with over-the-phone meetings while driving the kiddos to all of their bday parties, and summer classes *wipes forehead*.
When running around with kids, I go for complete comfort. You never know when you are going to get challenged to a game of Red Light, Green Light or Tag so I gotta be prepared.

I wore this MILITANT CASUAL look to take the kids to Dave & Busters this weekend to celebrate my friend's daughter's birthday. I don't know what it is about that loud place with kids running around and giant sized video games but it holds a special place in my heart. I'm really a big kid!! 

 I'm not too sure of my face shape. Sometimes it looks oval, the other it looks round. maybe it's a mix of both..let's just call it "ROVAL" LOL. But whatever the shape, I'm fortunate enough that most sunglasses shapes albeit square, round, aviator, or cat-eye seems to fit; which is a plus especially when ordering sunnies online.

The retro round shape of these sunnies, along with the long necklace gives off a bohemian vibe that is sort of an easy look for warmer months.

I found these MIA gladiators at TJ Maxx for 60% off retail #Score :-)

Loving the look of simple tees from the front with a bit of unexpected appeal in the back like this deep V-back Zara tee.

I'm sure you all have noticed that my hair seems to have grown overnight LOL.. I already addressed the change on Instagram, but the short bob hairstyle was sewn-in extensions. This is actually my real hair. Hair is another way to accessorize your look in my opinion, so today it may be long and black, next week it may be braided, or have highlights. Having one particular look or hairstyle bores me...so stay tuned to see what hairdo is up next ;-)

Hope you all have a CHICtastic week, and lemme know what you think about the hair xoxo

CHIC Finds

ZARA Tee (old) but similar HERE or this one HERE which comes in 9 colors
Fringe Satchel Bag also worn HERE
H&M Round Sunnies


  1. What a cute and casual outfit!
    I love it...!

    Keep it touched,

    1. Thanks Khloe, I'm actually ashamed of how often I wear these camo pants LOL.. let's just say it's in regular rotation ;-)