October 21, 2013


Hola CHICsters *waves*,

Did you miss me? I sure missed you all *pinky swear*. As most of you already know, I'm fresh off a WONDERFUL 10 day vacay in sunny Miami Florida. I was there for Miami Carnival or known to some as Caribbean/American Festival which was last weekend, which is a time where all of the Caribbean islands such as Trinidad, Jamaica, U.S. Virgin Islands, Barbados, and Grenada (just to name a few) all come together to celebrate our lively culture with great music, parties or fetes (as we call it), food, and friends!!! If you have never experienced it ...IT'S A MUST!!! Later this week after I gather up all of the photos from the various events, pictures of all the beautiful costumes I will post them up here on the blog. Until then, it's back to my routine...

From swimsuits to sweaters *sighs* LOL. Although it was about 70 degrees when I came outside, I was still a little chilly because my body was already used to the warmer Miami temp :-(
Although I was slightly cranky that I had to even wear long sleeves, I was excited to pull out these boots that I got from Zara last Fall that I just adore. I love boots in general, and these had a masculine look to them, which is actually trending currently, that made me snatch them up and swipe my card immediately LOL...no hesitation!

The sweater is a Vintage DVF treasure I found while on one of my many thrift store adventures.

 These shorts was actually leftovers from the 47 pairs of distressed vintage denim I sold over a 2-day period this summer... (crazy right?). Hmmm maybe I will do a few more pairs, since clearly I'm one of those people that wear shorts year round LOL. That's what tights are for right?

The chocolate suede chain-strap handbag is also a thrifted treasure found in Houston, Texas. 

Here's a close look of the details on these boots...LOVE 'EM!!!!

The back of the boot has a little stretch which is great for people with larger calf muscles, like yours truly *side eye*

Well I hope you enjoyed this post CHICsters, showing another way to transition some of your summer pieces through the cooler months.

Enjoy your week

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  1. I need that sweater in my life. Love the look.