October 28, 2013


Hola CHICsters,

I'm so excited for this weeks posts. As many of you know I was missing in action on the blog a couple of weeks ago because I was on vacation in sunny Miami for some relaxation and to enjoy Miami Carnival. No I'm not talking about the carnival with Ferris wheels and roller coasters *side eye* LL..I'm talking about the well known cultural festival where people of Caribbean descent and all other cultures, come together for days of parties, music, and other festivities #GOODTIMES .  

So this week I'm going to give you a crash course on a HUGE part of my culture, while posting various outfit pics, events, as well as costumes that was worn for the Carnival.

Miami-Broward Carnival always takes place during Columbus weekend, and is a week long list of partying, partying, and more partying LOL. 

Typically I get to Miami on a Thursday and enjoy all of the festivities up until the day of the actual Carnival, which is Sunday then fly back home either Monday or Tuesday morning for the latest. But this year...my significant other talked me into going earlier and staying later after the festivities were done to enjoy some other great aspects of vacationing in Miami that you really don't get to do with all those parties. Such a great idea!!

I actually got time to try new things like ride a scooter down the strip, and jet ski (which I will probably never do again )...I ain't about that jet ski life LOL.

The above pics are a few of the masqueraders (as they are called) that participated in the Miami-Broward Carnival.  Quick Carnival history lesson...Carnival started in the Caribbean Islands marking a time when slaves were emancipated from slavery (wayyyy before slaves were free in America) *side eye*. People took to the streets beating drums, dancing and singing songs in costumes. Today Carnival has become a multi-million dollar business on various islands such as Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, and Barbados just to name a few, where Bands,(groups of masqueraders) compete to win titles after displaying quality, beautiful MAS (costumes). 

In modern times, Carnival is basically a HUGE parade of REVELERS (Band participants) that prance down the city streets following large trucks carrying state of the art equipment pumping SOCA MUSIC (very fast paced) headed by top DJays, like Tony Cross of Natural Freaks Unlimited pictured here. Doesn't this sound like fun?

In Miami, the Carnival is on Sunday, but the week leading towards the GRANDE FINALE (Carnival Day) is nothing but endless Fetes (parties).
LOL, Are you guys keeping up with the crash course vocabulary lesson?

Carnival is also a time when participants pull out there best outfits showing off their own personal style as the above pic where the latest Adidas Originals Mutombo Tank was worn.

Out with my friend at Red Eye Fete enjoying the atmosphere.

Here's another party goer AND my wonderful client in a Tribal Print Midi Skirt & coordinating Turquoise crop...Great color for her skin tone don't you think?

 Keep up with the blog this week as I show more pics, outfits, freestyle, and Mas from the Carnival. #CHICPANTRYINMIAMI

Couldn't end the post with out a STAPLE while you're in Miami whether you're in town for the Carnival or not, you must have a Call A Cab from Wet Willies...and when you do just make sure you do just that to get back to your hotel LOL..stronggggg stuff!

Have a CHICtastic Week...and follow me on IG/Twitter/and Facebook for more updates and pics


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