May 22, 2013


 Ok so it's I truly feel like I live in HOTLANTA! I overslept because my son decided it was too cold and turned down the AC causing me to be in a deep sleep wayyy past the time I should've been up. And did I forget to tell you that I also woke up with a mane that only King Mufasa would be proud of *YIKES*. So a french braid, and maxi skirt later I was ready to face the great outdoors.

I actually only really started wearing bright colors recently. Caribbean people as well as Latin people LOVE COLORS. It's a proven fact!! LOL. Come to any one of my family functions and you will be welcomed by a bunch of smiling people wearing tons of color...and gold jewelry :-)

I bought this skirt last summer, but only popped the tag off today. Maxi skirts are kind of my go-to in the summer along with cut-off shorts. The tangerine color of this pleated skirt is a great pop for the summers when you have that good tan (which clearly I was born with) LOL. The three layers give the skirts a lot of movement and makes it a definite head turner as you walk by.


I found this turquoise handbag while GoodWill Hunting a few weeks ago, and was immediately drawn to the color, size, and the fact that it can be worn as both a cross-body (freeing up your hands for times when you have to cross the street with a 4 and 5yr old #MYLife) or as a clutch when you remove the strap *score*

Paired with these Tory Burch thong sandals in the same tangerine color balances out the whole look.

 Quick look to stay cool during the warmer weather. I really don't care for anything form fitting in the daytime because it just gets too hot and ain't nobody got time for that... LOL

Stay CHIC and enjoy the rest of your week! 

(only cool people rhyme for no apparent reason)

CHIC Finds

I bought this skirt last summer from a local boutique but found a similar dress version HERE
Turquoise Handbag (Thrifted)
Tory Burch Sandals: Similar HERE