April 28, 2014


As many of you already know because I tweeted about it as well as posted it on Instagram & Facebook, my son turned 16 yesterday. Ughhhhh!!! 16??? I'm still in shock. I just had this baby & now he's like "Mom I'm getting my license so I can drive your truck" *side eye* ...pump your brakes homeboy lol. 

This is my baby...all 6ft of him *tear* 

I wore this I LOVE RONSON brand jumpsuit to host his party at Dave & Busters. I wanted to be comfortable...but not too "Mom-ISH" if you understand what I mean. No offense to the moms that wear gym attire on their off days even when not at the gym ...but I ain't 'bout that life! LOL 

Many of you know that I'm half Hispanic..and in our culture when we see a well dressed woman or someone with great feminine appeal, men especially would call out and sayyyy "Ayeeee Mamacita!" Lol 

That's more of how I feel in this role of motherhood. I will be assistant coach of my daughter's soccer team, but never look like a "soccer mom". I will be at ever football game, basketball game and track meet my kids have but will never be in a head to to sweatsuit unless Vogue says it's cool LOL. 
Having kids should never stop your swag ;-) 

*sigh* these little people melt my heart!
Have an epic week everyone!! 



  1. Very cute. I love it


  2. This is sooo cute! I feel you 100%. I be at my son's football games in full makeup and style. Being a mommy has nothing to do with my style! If I must say I NEVER would have thought you had a 16 year old son!! Do that!