February 13, 2014

Quit "Russian" Me

I got this hat over a decade ago on a trip overseas..there's no name but the tag says "Made in Russia"...love it!! 

Hey CHICsters, 

How's everyone making out with this crazy Winter weather? I'm so over these snow and ice storms. Well I'm off to scrape this snow off of my vehicle (wish me luck) ...


February 11, 2014

DATE NIGHT: Valentine's Day

DATE NIGHT: Valentine's Day

Hola CHICsters,
With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, Friday February 14th, I've been getting tons of questions via email about outfit suggestions for date night. Don't worry your pretty little heads...I'm here for you :-)
My only tip for all of you will be this, I don't care if this is a first date, or one with your husband or significant other that you've been with for years, DRESS UP!!!! Yes I just shouted that. Leave a lasting impression on them. Look so good that then they close their eyes that night before dozing into dreamland they think, "Dang She did that!!!" And this is my tip not just for this date but any others, carry and present yourself they way you want to be treated and addressed. LOOK like someone he will want to open the car door for, or pull out the chair. Smell like the prettiest scent they have ever whiffed, and carry yourself like you know you are the bomb.com and can't nobody tell you different.  Got that? Now on Saturday the 15th I expect to see smiling faces, and happy tweets and messages about how good you felt dressing up.


February 8, 2014

Peter Pilotto for TARGET

Peter Pilotto for TARGET

Hey there CHICsters, I just wanted to quickly pop in to share with you all or remind you if you heard about it earlier this year, tomorrow February 9th is the day Target stores will be selling their line of Peter Pilotto for TARGET! I love designer collaborations & this one is epic for the girl that is big on mixed prints and bright graphics. There will be everything in the line from blazers, dresses, and slacks to handbags, sneakers, and swimwear which is a first for the designer. Stores open at 8:00 tomorrow morning and if you want to get the best selection, as if you're familiar with past designer/Target collabos, if you stroll in there in the afternoon thinking you're going to find something in your size...chances are you will be out of luck. So eat a great breakfast, grab a cup of coffee or green tea and get there early!!! Don't say I didn't warn you :-) 

I'm excited about this! If you're following me on Instagram, tag me and hashtag #chicfind to share your Peter Pilotto for TARGET haul. 


February 6, 2014

Mahogany Ish

Today was an extremely long day for me, meetings, interviews, more meetings, lunch at my daughter's school, then another meeting before the kids got home and I have to take off my Blogger Hat and adorn my Super Mom Cape.  
I'll tell you a little secret about my dressing routine....there is none! LOL. The only time I pay attention to details of what dress, shoes, or handbag I should wear is if I'm packing for an extended trip. Other than that, I stand in my closet in the wee hours of the morning, still half asleep and just grab stuff and throw it on. Most of the time it works, and the time I'm just not feeling a look I just wear it anyway and pretend I planned to look as such. HAHAHA Own it! 

February 5, 2014

This & That

Ok Jack Frost we get it!!! I'm so over this bipolar cold weather. This weekend was in the 60's today it's back to 40. I'm ready for flowing dresses, light & airy pants, and crop tops. 

I've been eating clean and working out (does happy dance) 

*excuse that annoying string in the back*

February 3, 2014



February is here, and although Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow yesterday signifying six more weeks of winter, brrrr, I'm still hopeful that all of these snow storms and "Polar Vortex" drama will come to pass soon. When it's cold and dreary outside, I like to add some pizzazz to my wardrobe, with color and some sparkle. Here are a few things that made the CHIC CRAVINGS list this month.

Statement Necklace
Celine Trapeze (a girl can dream right?)
Trench Coat
Gray Satchel
Liquid Gold Nikes
Nail lacquer in "Cake Hole" LOL...love the name
Rain Boots
Houndstooth Coat

So tell me what chic items are you craving for February? Tag me on Instagram @chicpantry and hashtag #FebChicCraving or on Twitter to share the things that's making your heart go pitter patter this month.