February 11, 2014

DATE NIGHT: Valentine's Day

DATE NIGHT: Valentine's Day

Hola CHICsters,
With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, Friday February 14th, I've been getting tons of questions via email about outfit suggestions for date night. Don't worry your pretty little heads...I'm here for you :-)
My only tip for all of you will be this, I don't care if this is a first date, or one with your husband or significant other that you've been with for years, DRESS UP!!!! Yes I just shouted that. Leave a lasting impression on them. Look so good that then they close their eyes that night before dozing into dreamland they think, "Dang She did that!!!" And this is my tip not just for this date but any others, carry and present yourself they way you want to be treated and addressed. LOOK like someone he will want to open the car door for, or pull out the chair. Smell like the prettiest scent they have ever whiffed, and carry yourself like you know you are the bomb.com and can't nobody tell you different.  Got that? Now on Saturday the 15th I expect to see smiling faces, and happy tweets and messages about how good you felt dressing up.


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