September 14, 2013


Hey CHICsters *waves*, hope your summer went well! Mine was quite busy, with travel, work, kids, and more travel Geesh *wipes forehead* LOL. I'm just now getting settled back at home. Now that the weather is starting to change I know alot of us tend to get confused on what to wear. The mornings either starts off cool and then by the time we get out of school or work, it feels like it's July over again. Or equally frustrating is being warm all day, and then by the evening the temperature drastically changer Brrr. I guess it's just mother natures way of keeping us on our toes ;-)

Yesterday I met up with some friends at a local lounge here in Atlanta to catch up on what's new in our worlds and as I was standing in my closet pondering what to wear, I glanced at my white jeans. First thought in my head, "NO WHITE JEANS AFTER LABOR DAY!" , second thought " WHY NOT?" LOL... No judgement as if I'm the ONLY one that has dressing debates with myself. So here it is, a simple look wearing white denim, and Fall earth_tones. *Sticks Out Tongue* to whomever says it's not "fashionable" to wear white this season because I DID and I WILL!!

Excuse the lighting...the sun was out of control yesterday!!

I LOVE NEUTRALS!! This tote I got from ZARA earlier this summer, and paired it with these CHIC heels from White House Black Market which were regularly priced at $108, but you're soooo not ready for the price I paid. Ok I won't keep you in suspense any further...$9.99 *gasps* Yes you read that right! They only had one pair and wouldn't you know it was MY SIZE,,,YESSSS!!!! LOL

Leather stud bracelet by YOURS TRULY *smiles* coming to my new online boutique that I've been working very hard to get up and running :-)

As you already know I am a die hard fan of Joes Jeans. My legs are really long, but my body type is somewhat curvy, so the length and fit of their denim does the trick for me.
This peplum top is one that I've had for a while now hanging up in my closet. I love the peek a boo mesh cut out as well as the olive color. I think olive is such an overlooked color yet it's so CHIC and flattering to most skin tones. 
Also wearing these uber chic "Lioness" earrings also coming soon to my online boutique...stay tuned xoxo


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