September 24, 2013


That moment when you wake up in the morning, stretch and as you glance outside your window you realize it's gonna be a gloomy, rainy day *sigh*. Have no fear...other than the fact that this hair does not cooperate in rainy weather, I actually like the rain. As long as it isn't cold AND raining...I'm good! An easy way to add some cheer to your rainy day morning commute is to add a pop of color to your attire. Trust me, it works!

Here are a few essentials I think is totally necessary for such occasions: a waterproof coat that is roomy enough to fit over your work outfit without having you feel all stuffy and uncomfortable. A belted one is great for accentuating a waistline. Rain boots, or Wellies as they're called in the UK are not only functional for puddle stepping, but they also come in a variety of colors and patterns from basic black to this fun bug printed pair by Tory Burch. A handbag that is large enough to carry all of your essentials in an easy to wipe off material is also great. Last but not least, the umbrella...and not some boring, half broken I just keep in my car umbrella either. Get a nice umbrella that is functional!!! I can't stress this enough. There's nothing more ridiculous than a person with an umbrella not proportioned to their body *side eye*. Like seriously though...what's the point? LOL. If you're not planning on getting drenched, at least use the right size umbrella. I prefer ones that is mostly clear for obvious reasons. Growing up in NYC and having to walk everywhere whether it's raining or not, you tend to appreciate these kind of umbrellas where people can actually see where they're going and not bumping into you because of an obstructed view HA!.



Hope you all have a CHICtastic day...and if it's raining in your city try this look to keep dry and still look CHIC

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