May 9, 2013

Mother's Day: 5 CHIC Gifts Under $50

Mother's Day is an occasion where we show our Moms how much we truly appreciate them. Although I've always been close to my mother, I don't think I truly understood how much work goes into being a parent until I had kids of my own. After having three kids ages 15, 5, and 4 yrs old (Yep that's a huge gap in ages but after my first labor experience I swore I would NEVER go through that again LOL). Trust me...motherhood is WORK. Getting "paid" in daily hugs and kisses is priceless... giving a CHIC gift to show your appreciation is just the icing on the cake.

Here are 5 CHIC Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 that your mom will be sure to love!

Mother's Day: 5 CHIC Gifts Under $50

Interested in any or ALL of these gifts? Find them here:

Graduated Disk Collar comes in 3 CHIC options (black, pink, or lilac) from Bauble Bar

 Le Club Metallic Clutch also in 3 options (pale rose, silver, and gold leather) from Nine West
Sweet Spring Lilies from 1800flowers

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  1. These are nice gifts. My husband knows better than to buy me anymore flowers, but I'm so down for the pillow, clutch, or Amazing Grace. BLM girl at