May 10, 2013


As soon as I saw this tee from Kate Spade I HAD TO HAVE IT! First off, I love a good quality tee, and all of the ones that I have of this brand has held up well with my "throw it all in the washer" routine (don't judge me). Plus, as you may have already started to notice, I have a soft spot for tops that "make a statement". I just think they're kinda cool LOL. My son asked me what the "!" on the tee meant, and I told him that it depends on what you're feeling. Today it's my "TGIF!" tee, another day it may be my "This ATL traffic sucks" tee ... it all just depends :-)


Have CHICtastic weekend and don't forget to show all of those special Mothers some LOVE

CHIC Finds
"! Tee" on sale via Kate Spade NY
Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Distressed Spot Print via ASOS (the polka dots got me)
Kate Spade Nikolette Letter Clutch (no longer available)  Other Option Here 30% off at The Gap (LOVE!)
Greten Wedge Pumps from JC Penney (now on clearance)

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