November 22, 2013


OK CHICsters,

I am happy to announce that YOU can now SHOP MY STYLE at my new online boutique *does happy dance*. At the CHIC PANTRY BOUTIQUE you can shop for the latest trends in jewelry, and accessories, clothing, as well as unique vintage pieces. You can get to the site directly by typing in the address  or also by clicking the tab SHOP MY STYLE right here on the blog. See how easy that is? Weekly there will be new items loaded to the site for your selection so grab it while it's hot because most of the products are limited quantities.

I'm so excited, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this and finally i pushed myself to make it happen. I appreciate all of my friends, family, and loyal supporters out there that I've emailed, text, tweeted, FB messaged LOL and everything else about ideas and suggestions about this new venture. You all are truly!! HA :-)

To show my appreciation I'm offering a 15% off coupon code to all of my CHICsters!!
Just type in GRANDOPENING at checkout to save on your total purchase.

Ok well, I have a busy weekend ahead, and not to mention the kids are out of school for an entire week for Thanksgiving here in Georgia *side eye*. Thanks a lot school system smh LOL


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