January 20, 2014


Happy MLK Day CHICsters,

I know..I know LOL some of you are like, I've never seen her in this much color before...especially not together as I loveeeee neutrals. But, my style has been evolving lately and  I've purposely planned to incorporate a lil' more color in my life. Ever been in one of your fave fast food joints, and they have what the call "Special Sauce" on their burgers that makes it taste Mmmmm Mmmmm Good? Well that's exactly what this color combo reminded me of when I looked in the mirror..A lil mustard + a touch of ketchup = SPECIAL SAUCE
I don't know about ya'll but a lil SPECIAL SAUCE on your burger is great...but when you spice of your wardrobe with a lil color....ohhhh la la!! 

Cape: H&M, Blouse: Joe Fresh

Pants: Worthington (and by the way...they have the cutest lil ankle zips)

For the record...I though the wind was blowing straight from the North Pole this day...FREEZING

Pumps: Nine West

Earrings: Chic Pantry Boutique



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lady! I love H&M so when they have a great sale...I'm all in!!


  2. Hilar about a lil' mustard and a touch of ketchup. Anywho, very cute look. Great color combo; very bright and rich. Then toning it down with a black cape was a great touch. It still brought the look together.

    1. Vivi as you will come to see I am my own comic relief! LOL...A lil laughter soothes the soul. Thanks for visiting my blog.