December 20, 2013


Does this picture describe how you're feeling right now? You're finally done with all of your holiday shopping, bought a couple cute dresses and new heels so you can go to that office party and dance the night away. Then it dawns on you, that you've overlooked one very important part of the equation. Your hair!!! What are you going to do with it?

No worries, I've been figuring this out for ya #thankmelater LOL. Depending on whether you want an updo, cascading curls, or to wear your hair bone straight here are 10 looks selected especially for my CHICsters. 

As seen on the BEAUTIFUL Nicole Ritchie, a messy updo is one of my fave looks. Actually you can wear this every day as well. You can even add a headband to it for extra flair!

Loose barrel curls can be achieved by wrapping your hair in a spiral effect around a curling wand. 

This style is both pretty and easy to recreate. Start with hair brushed down in an "umbrella pattern" all around the head. Then holding hair close to root use BOTH hands to twist hair up and inward around the entire head. Secure with bobby pins and add some hair bling and you'll be ready to greet the world.

 For my natural or curly haired girls, brush or use your hands to pull your hair up along the back and sides. Secure with bobby pins and fluff some of your girls forward and wala...

Straight and layered hair can do no wrong. Go get that well deserved salon blowout or get the look at home using a round brush and hairdryer.

Half up..Half down? Yes please!! Add a headband or DIY one yourself by wrapping satin ribbon around your hair.

There is a certain daring allure when a woman has cascading curls on one side while the hair is slicked smoothly behind the ear on the other.Perfection!

Why not wear a simple braid? Side swept bangs and a loose french-braid cascading along one shoulder is a look that will definitely turn heads..Trust me!

Feeling any better yet about your holiday hair choices? One of these will work for you. If you're short on time a top bun, or lower bun always does the trick. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and tag me on instagram so I can see all of your holiday hair do's in full swing :-)


*disclaimer: all pictures in this post are from third parties and not property of Chic Pantry*


  1. With my crazy curls, I know I'd go for an updo!
    Great styles, friend!


    1. Thanks doll, and Yesss for curly hair, I'd definitely recommend an updo to contain any curl that tries to go astray LOL...